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Combatting Modern Day Slavery And Sexual Exploitation

According to the International Labour Organization modern-day slavery generates an astronomical sum annually. “Put into perspective, the 21 million victims in forced labor and the more than US$150 billion in illegal profits generated by their work exceeds the population and GDP of many countries or territories around the world...Yet this vast nation of men, women and children, along with its resources, remains virtually invisible, hidden behind a wall of coercion, threats and economic exploitation.”

“With a global average profit of US$21,800 per year per victim, this sector is six times more profitable than all other forms of forced labor, and five times more profitable than forced labor exploitation outside domestic work,” the report says.

The Justice and Mercy Foundation is committed to combatting modern-day slavery domestically and internationally through a wholistic strategy. By engaging in restorative care for survivors, poverty alleviation, support of legislative efforts, and maximizing strategic partnerships we can bring and end to human trafficking by stopping the sellers, stopping the buyers, and rescuing and restoring victims of human trafficking.